MØ – No Mythologies To Follow


If you live in Denmark you’ve probably already heard of Mø. I’m not sure about the rest of the world though. It’s alternative, edgy, electro-pop that punches you in the face, with it’s massive use of drum machines, handclaps, dark synths and background yells. And it’s hard not to sing along when Mø yells “why do everyone has to grow old?!” throughout “Glass”, one of her breakthrough singles. That line emphasises the power girl’s energy quite well. I fell for Mø’s no BS-attitude, originality and that she’s a refreshing alternative to all the other over-sexualised pop-princesses (who I also secretly enjoy listening to now and then).

After several successful singles Mø is now ready with her debut album “No Mythologies To Follow” and it’s definitely worth a listen. Mø has keeps her distinct sound from the already popular singles as Glass, Pilgrim, Waste of Time and XXX 88 (her collab with Diplo). Luckily she also has several new tricks up her sleeve as when she shows a new, softer side on the emotional ex-boyfriend-ballad “Never Wanna Know” and I’m already obsessing over “Slow Love”, a gloomy disco-esque song that belongs on a smoke covered 80’s dance floor. Go listen!