Cut Copy vs. Primal Scream

Hi kids. I’m Simone. I will be contributing to the blog all the way from Copenhagen, Denmark. Music makes me warm and fuzzy inside and I look forward to sharing my favorites, new and old, with y’all.

Let’s talk about the newest Cut Copy single “Free Your Mind”. The video just dropped and everybody loves a fun video featuring a creepy cult leader type (remember how great Hot Chip’s video for I Feel Better was?).

It is not the half-naked Alexander Skarsgard (he really should get a haircut) that excites me here, as much as the fact that this is pretty much a remake of Primal Scream’s cult album “Screamadelica” from 1991, which is a personal favorite of mine.

Cut Copy’s first two singles from their upcoming album have borrowed everything from the trippy/semi-religious lyrics, to the classic house-beats, the 90′s piano, the echoed choir girl, to the little wobbly background noises. Frontman Dan Whitford even sounds a bit like Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie. But they really make me wanna dance all night. So have fun with the new Cut Copy album, out November 5, and in the meantime check out “Screamadelica” for yourself. It’s a good trip (NME once named “Screamadelica” “the most drug influenced album of all time”).