The 2012’s – Top 10 Albums

Top Albums:

Tennis - Young & Old

10. Tennis – Young & Old

A somewhat forgotten album for the year managed to nudge it’s way in right at number 10. Young & Old, Tennis’ second LP, was everything you needed to cruise top down in the ’66 Chevy, beautiful blonde in the passenger seat (top down too? hey-oh), hair flowing, laughing, surfboards in back, tacos in hand, people staring in amazement and jealousy. Yep, typical day. And by typical, I mean that never happened, once. I did however listen to this while making expense reports. Same difference.

kendrick lamar - good kid maad city

09. Kendrick Lamar – good kid, m.A.A.d city

Good job, Kendy. If you’re reading this, which I’m sure you probably are, I apologize for not dropping you higher. This album was fantastic though. It’s nice to hear a different approach to the quite rampant lyrical dialogue of women’s ‘breasts’ and exposed pantaloons. Homeboy himself referred to good kid, m.A.A.d city as a ‘short film by Kendrick Lamar’, one that, if you haven’t seen, will be a huge loss for you.


08. Japandroids – Celebration Rock

YES. These guys are finally getting the credit they deserve. Everything they’ve made to this point has been incredible. Not often do you find an album title that directly matches the sound. Celebration Rock IS what it sounds like. An album of catchy, anthem-esque, energetic rock. It’s not often that I have reason to celebrate, but I did just eat an amazing sandwich, so I’ma put this on and have my own little victory session.

tame impala lonerism

07. Tame Impala – Lonerism

Y’know, despite what they say, stoner Australians really do serve a purpose. Tame Impala proved that with another groundbreaking album. After the first album, Innerspeaker, I didn’t think any album could ever compete with the bar they set, but hey, I’ll tell you one thing, Lonerism, definitely came close.

Grimes - Visions

06. Grimes – Visions

This chick’s a weirdo. She makes great music. I’m oddly attracted to her. Next.

frank ocean - channel orange

05. Frank Ocean – Channel Orange

Talk about hype, oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh, homeboy got it. Perhaps it’s the marketing strategy of coming out as gay right before an album release, or maybe it’s the fact he was/is a member of Odd Future, but either way, Frank Ocean killed it. Lyrically, he’s on point. Vocally, he’s got a voice the mixture of Fergie and Jesus. Musically, my insides are more and more soothed every second. Hype well earned my friend. (Note: Him and I aren’t friends, nor have we ever met.)

twin shadow - confess

04. Twin Shadow – Confess

I’ll be honest, Confess was unarguably worse than Forget, George Lewis Jr’s debut album, BUT, when you have a first album that rates a 15.0 out of 10, you really can’t compete. GLJ does it again, probably falling in at my most listened to album of the year.

ariel pink - mature themes

03. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Mature Themes

Hate on it all you want. Ariel put out an album deserving of number 3 on the list. Mature Themes was ridiculously good. Ariel just gets better and better. I mean, for being about 50 albums deep at this point, you’d think he’d lose the vibes but NOPE, still good, #3 good.

purity ring - shrines

Purity Ring – Shrines

I guess something good CAN come outta Canada. (Jakob, I hope you’re reading this.) I cannot stop listening to Shrines. It’s just brilliant. Every beat, every melody, every aspect of every song sticks in your head all day. It’s actually surprisingly difficult to summarize how good this album really is. I’m just gonna call it as it is, if you don’t like them, you’re wrong.

Beach House - Bloom

Beach House – Bloom

Perfect. Bloom was absolutely perfect. If I were to call it anything less it would just be a mistake. It seems that as each band puts out another album, their sound changes and grows with them, and thank god, Beach House has NOT done that. Their sound’s the same from first album til now. Amazing at the start, and amazing to this day. Be sure to listen to Bloom. Get stuck in one of those zone-out evenings and just listen to every second of this entirely perfect album.