Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Mature Themes

We’ve been pretty MIA lately. And no, I’m not referring to that one-hit wonder from 2008 or whenever that dumb paper planes song was released. Anyways, that being said, we know we’re behind on the posting, and definitely behind on sharing how good this album is.

Ariel Pink has released, what, like eighteen albums at this point? Maybe not that many, but still, his discography goes on and on. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until the release of Before Today that Ariel Pink and his backing Haunted Graffiti really started to get publicized. That album got blew up, made every sort of year-ending list possible, and now, any new Ariel Pink sounds get compared to that. Not good. The thing people miss is that everything pre-Before Today was much more experimental, downright strange. Mature Themes really hits back to those roots. Take the mere fact that there’s a song on the album entitled ‘Schnitzel Boogie’. Yes, an entire song dedicated to a fried chicken cutlet and the love therein for it. It may not be the ideal new release that everyone was hoping for,  but it doesn’t make it anything less than amazing. It’s sprinkled with gems such as ‘Farewell American Primitive’ and ‘Live it Up’, just two standouts that instantly come to mind, yet there’s plenty more. Pick it up, (or more fittingly these days, search it on Spotify) and at least give it a shot. It grows on you; grows to love. Deep deep love. So deep. Really deep. Like an ocean. A deep ocean. Yahhhhhh, the sea. Woo.