Darwin Deez

I’ve never been so upset for not giving someone a chance. I saw his picture and merely figured he was just some house DJ with a luscious set of lochs and a mustache that would make Jame Gumb feel creeped out. Although the facts about his hair content remain true, he’s no mere DJ.

His self-titled album Darwin Deez, tricks you with its dancy vibes and catchy melodies, but really is full of broken-hearted lyrics such as:

“My DNA is running out / I am not the guy who makes you smile now / And when we talk, it’s not the same / but i already lost the gene for feeling pain”


“we are twinkling stars resurrected / just like twinkling stars, we seem connected / but i know that a constellation is just a constellation”

I’ll still be dancing to it. The last three hours are proof. Listen:

Thanks for the heads up on him @2fiftyfive.